RC30 photos

The following images all link to larger images. Most of them were emailed to me by Ian Clint of the UK, top chap that he is. All of them link to larger images if you click on them. There's more to come, eventually I'll separate them into categories like 'trick parts' and 'bikes' and so on, plus of course when I get enough photos I'll put together an owners' bikes page. One teeny snag though... after uploading all this I have only 64kb left of the generous 15Mb geocities gave me. Maybe I'll gut the Xoom mirror site and hope it's fast enough to serve up pictures... doubt it, geocities is heaps better. Could set up another account I guess, is that ethical? Suppose it's okay since I'd be splitting up RC30 and V8 pages. Anyway, enjoy what I have while I sort out some more space.

Click for a larger imageThe sexiest carbs I have ever seen... property of Mr Jim Granger of the US, I'm hoping to get some info off him regarding them - stay tuned.
And they look even more arousing the closer you get... drool...
Click for a larger imageOf course for serious arousal, it's hard to go past this top-end...
Much better looking than my Moriwaki with it's horrible entry angle to the muffler, I suspect this is a 'sleeper' RC...Click for a larger image
Click for a larger imageAnother one-eyed RC30 owner...
Now we're getting down to it...Click for a larger image
Click for a larger imageFor some reason this RC really gets me going, I like it. The lack of blue on the tailpiece really seems to suit it, or perhaps it's just the black front guard.
Extremely nice aftermarket rear axle assembly, no idea who made it but it's beautiful workmanship.Click for a larger image
Click for a larger imageRon Grant oil cooler assembly, presumably mated to a VF1000 oil pump inside.
Optional dry clutch assembly - I believe this is another of Jim Granger's partsClick for a larger image
Click for a larger imageHRC kit rear wheel
HRC clutch cover with oil viewing windowClick for a larger image
Click for a larger imageRC30 crashed at Suzuka, sad sight.

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