My Own RC30 photos

The following images are mostly of my own RC, I have to be honest that isn't me on the Oscar Rumi bike... in fact despite Merkel being on a warmdown lap after clinching the '89 or '90 world titles at Manfeild here in NZ, I think he's STILL going faster than I used to on that track.

Fred Merkel wins WSB, Manfeild, New Zealand Rear view of my RC30, cute eh? One of my heads after porting
Fred Merkel on heads for WSB title, Manfield, New Zealand Naked shot of my RC30,  HRC upper rad is big! Stock cams and other bits
Me as usual kneeling on the bodywork, Manfeild NZ Eagerly awaiting its kitted motor... Kitted carbs,  still 38mm CVs
Me actually leading someone, 90/91 NZ F1 Champs My RC30 before the kit The HRC kit upper radiator - worth it!
My RC30 with the racekit, marvic rims etc. Kitted shortblock,  HRC pistons are US$95 each and only cast! The other side of my RC30 post-racekit
Me racing at Ruapuna in Christchurch, still stock Whoops!  2nd hand street front tyre Moriwaki exhaust ready to fit.

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