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Here's some links I like, sorry there's so few but I'm looking. I'll check them regularly and delete or correct any that don't work anymore.

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Leons links to bike road tests online Leons online bike test links page, a fantastic page with links to an awful lot of online bike tests, brilliant effort and a MUST SEE page.

BikeLink, the A-Z of motorcycling Bikelinks, the A-Z of motorcycling, STUNNING SITE, tons of good links for all kinds of bikes, I found it while hunting VTR1000SP1 (RC51) info and they have plenty of useful links. Go to the bottom of the page and click the make you're after, the Honda page has tons of dealers, clubs and model sites.

UK RC30 owners club UK RC30 owners club, must be a good site because 25% of all my traffic is linked from there - check it out! Apparently it is well worth subscribing to these guys.

Bob & Pams UK RC30 owners club Email Bob & Pams UK RC30 owners club
Bob and Pam offer an excellent service to UK RC30 owners, and they're happy to accept overseas owners too.

Honda RC30 owners yahoo club The ultimate online RC30 place, the Yahoo RC30 club. Provides a bulletin board, chatroom, pics, you have to check it out. NOTE - recently converted to groups, with quite a few popup ads, and may ask you to sigh up to Yahoo. Do so! Yahoo really is good and you don't get signed up for spam or anything at all, it's worth it. Please be patient with the club as it gets used to it's new environment and decides what to do about the ads. In Yahoo's defence, it has to support itself and it's a free service to us. Have a look!

Ian Cunninghams site Ian Cunninghams RC30 website - includes downloadable RC30 microfiches with part numbers, 4 files totalling 9Mb, under 'Technical Downloads'. Hugely nice chap.

Biography of the late great Joey Dunlop Biography of the late great Joey Dunlop
, the greatest RC30 and TT rider of all time, Yer Maun will never be rivaled.

RC30 owners club of France RC30 owners club of France
Okay, yes, it's in French but it's not that hard to follow, try it! Very popular site.

Honda Owners Club of Great Britain Honda Owners Club of Great Britain
I've only had a quick look but it seems excellent and what I most like is that they have technical discussions and so on. Check it out!

Texas VFR Garage Texas VFR Garage
Very comprehensive site, with lots of excellent links - definitely worth a visit.

Honda USA American Honda official page
Excellent site covering new model lineup, racing, classics specials etc. Well worth a look.

Thorsen Durbahn Durbahn Plastics, Hamburg
Fantastic, this links to the main page - click in his right frame to open menu. Parts include RC30s, polished frames, motors... some amazing stuff, not a lot of it, but where else can you find a replacement frame for US$500? If you head to his main page you'll see he makes radical bodywork kits that look pretty hot too. Never seen a carbon fibre fuel tank before, but his are only a few hundred bucks.

Shauns RC30 page Shaun's RC30 site (USA)
Page devoted to Shaun's awesome ex-Mal Campbell Aussie superbike RC30, possibly the oldest RC30 ever!

Jes webpage (Danish) Jes's web page (Danish)
This page appears to be commercial but it's a bit hard to say, what with it not being English... but he does provide an English introduction page.

Simons V4 Honda pages Simon's V-4 Honda Site - LINK UPDATED 8/2009
Nice looking site devoted to all the VFRs (and let's face it, RC30 fans usually love ALL VFRs), he's still working on it so keep checking it out.

Honda Addict Honda Addict
A Fellow Honda Addict, Ricky's site - like this one - is also split into cars and bikes, with his car interests tending towards Honda while keeping an open mind. There's plenty of pics and stats of Fireblades and RC51s etc in the bike gallery, I'll check occasionally and see if he's dug up some cool RC30 stuff and make a note here.

RayLars - RC30 stuff Raylars
Lars has a stunning Commonwealth Honda replica, it's gorgeous. His website includes a mailing list where you can be advised of new parts being made for RC30s (and other Hondas) as they come up, I signed up and there's an unsubscribe feature if you change your mind.

RC30 heaven RC30 heaven - parts and pics
Caters to both RC30 and RC45 fans, look for the New and Used parts links at the bottom, this is exactly the sort of site what we need more of, thanks Mike. Can't get enough bits!

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