RC30 Racer photos

Most of these images were kindly sent to me by Ken 'Kenny' G, and I welcome any more you guys have. This page is supposed to be for race bikes and racers alike, whereas what was the 'gallery' page I think will become a hardware page, closeups of carbs and kit parts etc. I'll probably split this one up too at some point, but it'll do for now rough though it be. Next new page will be an owners page for anyone on the list to put up pics of their bikes with their own text. Cheers, Geoff.

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Joey's Bar in Ballymoney, extremely sad that yer maun has really gone. I'd always wanted to go there but now it seems a bit too sad, perhaps one day I'll venture there and pay my respects. Joey has been my hero for many years, and an inspiration to me for plenty of reasons - not the least of which was that he taught us you can keep doing what you love - and being good at it - for as long as you damned well like.
I love what he's done with the place, I wish my bedroom had a ceiling fitting just like it...
Another view of Joey's RC30
I know, I'm really overdoing this... but it's not somewhere most of us will get to and Ken very kindly sent me so many pics, be a shame to hide them.
Last pic of Joey's RC...
Stripey RC30 racer, actually looks surprisingly hot!Click for a larger image
No larger image availableDave Madsen-Mygdal at the 2000 TT
Dave Madsen-Mygdal and Derek Lloyd at the 2000 TTNo larger image available
Derek Lloyd at the 2000 TT
Another pic of Dave Madsen-Mygdal with Derek Lloyd at the 2000 TT
RC30 next to an NC30 in Assen
Jeannot Kine Nano's pair of lovely RC30s in Rothman's livery... beautiful...
Click on image to view larger versionShaun's carbon fibre RC30 is the ex-Mal Campbell superbike champ bike from Australia, which in Rothman's livery easily lapped me here in New Zealand... phenomenal bike this one.

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